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Milling the paint
Milling the paint
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Carl PlanskyIn the mid 1980s artist Carl Plansky began making paint for himself and his friends in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Carl's paint making operation grew quickly as the artists community of New York discovered its undoubted quality. Soon Williamsburg's oil paints accumulated a following and international presence while preserving the handmade integrity of the paint. Carl had always been interested in pigments, oils, mediums, and old-world recipes, and enjoyed experimenting with traditional materials. Whenever he traveled he would research the history of painting and the relationship between painters and paint makers.

After Carl's death in October 2009 Golden Artists Colors assumed responsibility for realizing Carl's dream for truly unique paints and mediums that reflect not only the traditions of painting in Europe and North America, but the artist's passion that drives them forward. Carl himself claimed that only Golden Artist Colors could make paint with the integrity and style of Williamsburg.

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